My spiritual awakening came in April 1990 with the passing into spirit of my brother, Richard. He was on life support and it was due to be switched off. His spirirt touched me as I whispered into his ear ‘ You’re going on a journey, don’t be afraid. Go into the light’. He was donating his organs and I said what I thought was my last goodbye to Richard. I don’t know why I said this as at the time I was unaware of the light and had no interest or belief in a God, Angels or Saints or the world of Spirit.

What happened that day changed me and the way I live my life. As his spirit-self touched me (even passed through me?) I became aware of a feeling, a serene, peaceful, loving and comforting feeling. A divine presence enveloped me. I left Richards bedside smiling and knowing, knowing everything was all right. Richard was only passing into a new existence.

I had felt that same divine presence before but had since lost it or forgot it. I was close to drowning in the river Liffey about 12 years prior to Richards passing. This time I did not lose it. I still carry it. I live it, I love it, I am it and I offer it to anyone who seeks it.

In the intervening years I have learned and used different methods to connect to spirit for guidance and healing including Tarot and Angel cards, hands on healing and Shamanisim, all of which came naturally and quickly to me like I was remembering rather then learning! Each one of these tools was also taking me deeper on my journey into spirit. I had many spirit guides along the way however, they were all leading me in the same direction towards oneness, to an understanding and experience where names, faces and titles are meaningless. Where belonging to life itself, sharing itself with itself, is stronger than life separated into individual parts, opposing and competing with each other. Where knowing by far supersedes knowledge and feeling has replaced thinking. Where peace, love, joy and gratitude are my true nature, where being spiritual is infinitely and eternally more important than being human.

I have learned that I have to practice ‘being aware’ in order to acheive and stay near my natural state, being aware of me, my thoughts, my emotions and my feelings, my actions and my state of mind. In so doing I myself have learned of a new or different way of seeing life and of living it.

About Us

Us is Paul Williams and Noel Daly and we first met back in 1989 and are now Civil Partners.

Our journey from the very start has been one of learning, changing and healing and the spiritual dimension entered into our relationship less than a year after we met, again with the passing of Paul’s brother, Richard.

Initially all the ‘spiritual stuff’ was just happening to Paul with Noel witnessing this in the background. One of these occurrences was when Paul was making an ornament for Richards’s grave when he suddenly and unexpectedly went into a trance-like state, smiling and nodding like he was talking to somebody. Noel was also in the room and what he saw and felt was a calm, peaceful presence around with the corner of the room lighting up! There was light shining all around him. Paul was feeling Richards’s presence and more.

We had a handcraft business which we had been running for about 7 years when Noel developed a form of arthritis which forced us to change direction. We now see this and everything else as guided. This is when Paul picked up the tarot which he had been dabbling with for a number of years and Noel was forced to look at alternative healing as the conventional way was only offering him long term pain management and drug dependency,

The next two years were quite intense from a spiritual growth perspective; Paul was doing spirit guided tarot readings and was open to spirit for twelve hours a day, six days a week (we now know we are always open). Noel was using stones and crystals on himself twice a day as well as receiving hands on healing from Paul.

Noels arthritis was gone and Paul had discovered shamanism. Our journey was amazing with ‘wow’ moments happening at an ever increasing rate but what were more profound were the personal changes that were happening to both of us.

Paul was guided to move to Leitrim and open a healing centre. His response (to spirit) was ‘I’m not getting a mortgage’. We sold our house and bought a small run down cottage in Leitrim with the proceeds and Paul, Noel and Paul’s son Piaras upped sticks and moved to Leitrim. At this stage Paul was already doing group workshops but hiring rooms and houses for weekend workshops and then after a trip to Turkey, Paul came home with the urge to buy a house in Turkey and bring groups over there as well. Noel, who had been unable to work because of the arthritis, was now back working and bringing in a steady income and so an application for a mortgage for a house in Turkey was made and accepted. The very next day the whole Turkey idea felt wrong and when Paul asked for more guidance, he was told loud and clear that if you are willing to get a mortgage for a place in Turkey, you can get one for a house in Leitrim.

Within a few months plans were drawn and building had begun. Three years later after a lot of hard work we now open our home to those seeking a spiritual dimension to their life.