Getting To Know A God That Cannot Be Understood

This is because that thing that has been called god and many other names is A FEELING and a feeling can only be experienced and known and not understood.
There’s a world of difference between knowing something and understanding or thinking you understand something. Understanding is of the intellect, brain or ego and is based on shared knowledge (facts, fictions and figures and an accumulation of memories) whereas knowing is based on personal experience and cannot be shared by or through understanding. This is the difference between knowing something and knowledge of something. For instance, one can learn and share all that there is to know about an orange, the process of its growth and all its chemical components, vitamins etc, but no matter what words are used to describe its taste, its taste can only be experienced. Words cannot substitute this experience.
The same applies to god, no matter how god is described or who or what god is understood to be, god can only be known by experience (this can be likened to when you meet god).
This feeling that IS god is felt and experienced as love, peace, joy and gratitude. These are repeatedly experienced (sometimes only briefly) in one way or another throughout life(we keep meeting god), however, because of the belief in separation, we believe that these feelings are coming into us from or as a result of someone or something outside of ourselves.

We believe that there is no consistency to these feelings, because they change or go away or end and seem to leave a void in their absence. It is this void and the empty feeling that goes with it that we as humans try either to fill or avoid, which ironically are the same thing. By trying to fill it we avoid feeling it and in order to avoid feeling it we try to fill it. What we try to fill this void with is all that this human life and world has to offer in whatever proportions our culture and circumstances allow; other human lives, partners, family, friends, career, sex, money, houses, image, clothes, food, drink, status, class, religion, television, movies, news, gossip, drugs…. the list is endless and growing. On a personal level it is filled with our own story…. our own history and memories, our wants, wishes and desires….our dreams and nightmares, our tragedies and misfortunes, our pain, suffering and sacrifices.

No matter how hard we try to either fill or avoid the empty feeling, we cannot escape it. It keeps returning and then we experience the feelings that we are trying to avoid….loneliness, fear, sadness, anger, guilt and with them the belief that god (the feeling of god) has abandoned or left us which ensures and reinforces the emptiness forming a vicious circle or loop and a barrier.

The idea of god as something other then human, a superior or supreme being, keeps god apart from us. It keeps us below or unworthy of god. However, the idea of god as a spiritual being and a feeling, and the idea of humans having a spiritual aspect, side or nature, plus the ability to feel, gives us something in common. It is this ‘something in common’ or shared aspect that ensures that we cannot be abandoned and we are not empty despite our conflicting feelings and beliefs. This shared aspect is our spirit or divine self that is a part of and not apart from god (the feeling of) as a spiritual being.

All the feelings that we have and have experienced are contained within us, i.e. we cannot catch anger or catch sadness like a flu virus from another person or situation. The anger and sadness are ours and the person or situation only serves to show us that we have them. The same applies to love, joy, peace and gratitude. People and situations serve to show us that we also have these feelings.

So we know love and fear, peace and conflict, joy and sadness, gratitude and wanting. These feelings are ‘knowing god’ and ‘god’s absence’ and because all these feelings are experienced within each one of us rather than these feelings coming into us from outside of us, they are OUR OWN.

We are not the victims of feelings we are the manufacturers, owners, caretakers and indeed caregivers to these feelings. Simply put, we nurture god feelings or we nurture absence of god feelings. How we do this is by the power of thought and with the most powerful ability we have, the power of choice. We choose what occupies our mind and our feelings adjust accordingly. Simply remembering something or someone can change the way we feel, be it a happy memory or a sad memory, even imagining someone or something can have the same effect and what occupies our mind together with the way we feel, is our ‘state of being’.

In relation to ‘getting to know god’, if choice is the most powerful ability we have, the most powerful tool we have in this respect is ‘knowing’. We know what a good or god feeling is and we know what a not so good or absence of god feeling is (not to be confused with physical sensation). When we take ownership of our thoughts and feelings and apply choice as apposed to victim to those feelings, we have no one else to blame for our state of being but ourselves.

It is in the choosing of being human or being spiritual that one gets to ‘know’ (experience) and be at one with (a part of) god or gets to ‘know’ gods absence (a part from). The more we experience something the more we get to ‘know’ it. The more we ‘know’ something the closer it gets to us or belongs to us. Humans have a built in instinct of protecting and guarding what belongs to them, even at a cost of our own detriment i.e. our painful past, our history, our religion, our victim-hood, our anger, our need for vengeance, our sadness etc, along with all the (good) reasons why we have them and why we should keep them. It is these (good) reasons along with our ownership and protection of them that ensures that all of yesterday’s woes are taken into NOW and integrated into the future.

This is a simple matter of choice and also a simple matter of fact. Bring sadness into the presence of love and love will not recognise it as it would need to cease to be itself and be something other then love. This makes sadness meaningless to love. The very same applies to love in the presence of sadness. Sadness being what it is will not and cannot recognise love without ceasing to be sadness and this makes love meaningless to sadness. We choose one or the other. Feelings are not random, they are choice and the feeling of being part of, or apart from god, is also a choice. What we choose cancels out the other choice until we choose again, and as said before the most powerful ability we have is choice. We choose who and what is more important then our connection to source starting with our human self (which will end) over our spirit self (which is eternal) and continuing with all the other people and things we call mine or ours.

How to get to know god/source/love is to make the decision that god (the feeling of) is the most important choice that you can make. Keep on making that same choice as often as you have need to make it. All the other people and things we call mine and ours will still hold an important place in your life… just not the most important place. This must be reserved for knowing. The simplest way to do this is to recognise the energy of god/life/source all around and through you and in all forms. Open your mind, your self, to soak or breathe this energy in, making you part of this energy and then breathe out or shine this energy from you, it is in the giving or shining of life that integrates you with, and makes you the same as god/source/life as this is all that god/source/life is, energy sharing itself with itself. Repeat as required or when remembered.