Heaven On Earth

I want to talk about the notion of heaven on earth. What does this mean? How can this be achieved? Can it be achieved? First I would like to share my idea, my notion and my experience of heaven. I can only say what heaven means to me.

Heaven is a state of being, a state of mind or a state of consciousness where all is well.
There are no thoughts clouding the way.
There’s no judgment to produce the thoughts.
Being able to walk in this world without a thought in your head or a care in the world.
To accept the world as it is, as it was then and as it will be.
To see life and not death and being able to celebrate life.
To be part of life and not separate from it and ultimately to be part of god or source, love or light and not separate.
To experience all this and not just know about it.

This is what I have experienced as heaven.

In order to attain heaven on earth you must accept your worthiness. You must accept that you are part of god’s creation. A part, along with all the other parts; billions and billions and billions upon billions of other parts that all make up the one. They all make up the whole, or the holy one, and without you or any other part the holy one is incomplete and incompleteness is emptiness and hell on earth. And in between these two states of heaven on earth or hell on earth there are many, many states of being and many states of consciousness. Fearful and doubtful are just two of these. You can dwell in these states for hours, weeks, months, years at a time or lifetime after lifetime.

If we notice around us we have laws, there are natural laws that not only humans abide by but all life form abides by. We have a simple word for one of these laws which is gravity. There is the divine law that keeps things in their natural order. The law of ‘like to like’ keeps air with air, water with water, earth with earth and fire with fire. It keeps above and below in there rightful order. Without these laws and the law of like to like, we would have chaos. Without this law the cells and molecules that form every living thing would not gel together, from grains of sand to mountains, from blades of grass to forests of the tallest trees, from a tiny one cell organism to the complex human brain. All these billions upon billions of life forms living simultaneously interacting together, beating and breathing as one. In reality there is no separation; separation is merely a thought. It is a fearful thought introduced to the mind somewhere along the line thousands of years ago (yet it was only a moment ago and lasted even less then that moment). Not right or wrong but serving a purpose.

Fear serves a purpose then and now. Everything has a purpose and all happenings have a purpose. Everything is geared towards bringing us home, bringing us back to heaven as a state of mind, as a state of being. The journey, this return home, can be made and is only made, one at a time; we are born into this world one at a time, we will leave this world one at a time. We feel and experience our own feelings and experiences within our own sense of self. All feelings can only be experienced by an individual. You cannot share the taste of an orange you can only share the orange. All experience is only open to the individual self

This is the first step on the journey home, on the journey to heaven. Do not compare yourself to others. Allow for you to be complete within yourself. This is also one of the hardest steps to take because in order for that completeness to be experienced, all thoughts and beliefs of incompleteness must first be cleared out. The old must be cleared out in order to make way for the new. Old ideas, old belief systems and old thoughts have to be relinquished and new thoughts have to be cherished and embraced.

Thoughts of love over thoughts of fear.
Thoughts of oneness, wholeness and holiness over thoughts of separation.
Thoughts of worthiness ‘I am worthy’ over thoughts of unworthiness.

This is a process and this life offers us opportunities time and time again, day in day out, to help us along this process. It’s an individual process and it is you that you are working on, changing you and changing the self not changing the world. The world is a complex place, it’s a complex organism and there are beings looking after this organism taking care of the billions upon billions of happenings. We are a tiny, tiny part in that world, an important part, yet a tiny part. Yet we can add, in fact we do add, we add our essence to this world, our state of being ensures this. In truth we are not separate from the world. Our anger adds to the anger in the world, our jealousy adds to the jealousy in this world, our envy, our hate, our pity, they all add to the negative energies in this world for those who dwell there to feed upon, justifying their existence. We also add our love and our joy and our peace and our light. We can only add, you can only add what you have to add. You cannot add peace to this world if you have not got peace within yourself. You cannot add or see a joyful world if you are not full of joy. Peace and harmony exist within and shine outwards. Love is synonymous with light; this is known throughout history. It is written through history that love and light are one. Light shines unrestricted without judging who or what it shines upon. This is love, unconditional love, freely given unconditionally. Unconditional love does not and cannot judge; humans judge. Judgement is a creation of the human mind and judgment puts conditions on the love and light of creation. Unconditional love is already in your heart and in your soul. The seed and the spark is there waiting to be fanned. The seed is waiting to grow with and into awareness, awareness of your divinity, awareness of your part of the whole, the holy one; awareness that there is no separation and awareness of the negative thoughts that keep the shroud of death around you. The fear of death is what this shroud is made of, fear; fear of loneliness, fear of emptiness. The law of like to like dictates unconditionally and you cannot return to unconditional love if you are full of fear. Like oil and water they do not mix, the sky and the sea they do not mix, above and below they do not mix. One must be chosen over the other as a place to dwell. Unconditional love is ‘free will’, freely given and it is yours to do whatever you choose to do with. The power of creation is yours, what have you created? Heaven on earth or hell on earth? You are responsible and you can change it.

Changing yourself is how you change the world. Hell on earth is a feeling. It is a state of mind, a state of being or consciousness where one dwells and awakens up into day after day bringing yesterdays troubles (the past) into the present – throwing them into the future insuring that hell continues from yesterday, through today and into tomorrow. The same is true of heaven. It is a state of mind, a state of being or consciousness where one dwells and brings a perfect past into a perfect present creating a perfect tomorrow. This is possible only within the self. All feelings are felt within the self and heaven can only exist for the individual within themselves. This shines out into the world, ones world is changed and heaven is brought to earth by the power of the mind and the power of the individual; the ability of the individual to change, let go and embrace. Let go the old and embrace the new. Let go the past and embrace the now. You cannot change for another and you cannot change another – only the self can change. You cannot bring heaven to earth for another only for yourself but others can do this for themselves also. You can only be an example. You can only lead the way or show the way by doing it yourself.


Free will is the tool that you use to bring heaven to earth. Your free will is your power of creation; it is the divine energy that is within you. Life itself has and is the power of creation and you have life – ever lasting life, eternal life, life without beginning, life without end. Eternity is now, always was and always will be. Eternity cannot have a start; this is a contradiction to eternity. The notion, idea or thought that eternity somehow starts somewhere down the road into the future, after a certain life, after a certain amount of time, after a certain amount of penance, after being judged – these are contradictions to unconditional love. Unconditional love is just that, without condition. Penance and judgment are conditions. Love knows no bounds and what restricts love is our belief system, our belief in death and our belief in separation. These are thoughts and thoughts are your tools to create. You think that you are created separate – so be it, you become separate. You think you are sinner – so be it, you become a sinner. You think that you will be punished, that you deserve punishment – so be it. You believe in sin and death – so be it, you will experience sin and death.

Your belief system is your power of creation and your thought is what creates your belief system. This is unconditional, this is god given right. You have the power to be who ever and what ever you want to be – so be it. Your will or willingness is all that is required for the creative energy to create your will.

To fear god is to fear yourself and so you will live in fear (to fear being a part of god is a thought of separation). No-body or any other energy in the universe will interfere with your free will choice, until you choose not to live in fear and choose love. This is divine law in action. This is your free will in action. This is how you create your own state of mind or being or consciousness, your thoughts and your free will, you have free will choice, change can be chosen. It can only be chosen now in the present moment, the past cannot be changed and this too is unconditional. The past cannot be changed, you can only change now and then your future can change when you relinquish the past, when you stop bringing the past with you. Heaven exists only now, only in the moment. The past is gone, the future not yet here. Now is all that truly exists, now is all that is real and must be accepted, to accept the world as it is, as it was and as it will be, without the burden of the past cast upon it weighing it down. This is difficult for many souls to leave the past behind. One day all will leave their past behind, all will leave this world behind. You will leave this world and everything you know, everything you have seen, smelt, heard and touched. All your experiences of this world will be left behind and the body will be left behind. This is inevitable, this is life, this is the continuation of life as you grow nearer to home or further away from home as the case may be. Your belief system dictates this. Your belief system is your power of creation.

The intention or purpose of this dialogue is to show you how to achieve heaven on earth and to give you tools to use in your every day life – self healing tools. We will use the power of the imagination, we will use thoughts and the power of thoughts, we will recognise how powerful a thought can be and how one thought can have an impact on your state of being. We will also use symbols and nature and we will connect to life itself by the power of thought. Everything you see around you starts with a thought. Everything that is made by humans started with a thought in somebody’s mind before it was set to paper as a plan (drawn forth) or executed as an action – from the first chair to the first wheel and from the rockets that that go into space to aeroplanes. From the machines that tunnel, cars, TV’s, radios – they all started with a thought. Powerful thoughts create powerful machines or machinery and powerful thoughts create your state of being and if these thoughts are negative thoughts, their power does not diminish, they are equally powerful. Negative thoughts will create a powerful state of being just as positive thoughts will create a powerful state of being.

Ruling by fear has been the way of this world for many, many centuries. Leader after leader, governments, institutions, churches and religions have all been using fear as a means to control and manipulate. From the fear of punishment and retribution to the fear of god – fear has been a weapon and it can also be a tool. To recognise that you have fear in you, if you are fearful in anyway, be glad. Be glad that this world is showing you that you have fear, for you cannot go home carrying that fear with you. See this world as a mirror. If you see death it is mirroring your belief in death. If you see fear it is mirroring your belief in fear. Not only will you see fear you will experience fear. What is around you is mirroring what is inside you and will do so until you see just goodness, love, light and joy all around you. When you can let go and let this world take care of itself, knowing that each one is on their own learning path and life is moulding itself to suit the individual. The individual’s needs are met to suit their own learning needs and only the individual can see this. To see life any other way is judgment and you cannot judge one part of life without judging all of life. Life is complicated with billions upon billions of simultaneous happenings all intertwined and to judge one and know why one event or thing is happening you would need to know why all is happening. If you think you know right from wrong you will also think that you know everything and your thinking is based on your limited knowledge of what you personally have learned on your personal journey through life and as you can see, its bigger and much, much bigger then you.

The individual will be challenged along this learning journey. Challenged to let go of their old beliefs and embrace new ones. To let go of the fear and doubts and to let go of the anger and the pain and also to let go of yesterday. The journey will involve a realisation of oneness and it starts within and spreads. Spiritual oneness is to realise that we are all connected as brother, sister, spirits, children of the one source of life or god. All as one, male or female, young or old – there is no difference. We are all part of life – eternal life. We are all part of the whole – the holy one – be this Allah or Buddha, God or Krishna.

The messengers are many and throughout history the prophets have been many. The message is simple and the one message has come through time and time and time again. The messengers have been hijacked and gods made of them. The message has been misinterpreted (deliberately in some cases). The message remains the same –ONENESS, the almighty I am – I am life, I am light, I am the way. These words came from many prophets and these words can be repeated by you, they are for you. They must become your words. The “I am” is you. If you can say I am then the mighty I am message refers to you and it refers to me too and everybody else. There is no separation. They are powerful words, I am, (and words are but spoken thoughts) and they are another tool we will use to claim our rightful| state, to claim heaven on earth.


Everything is in accordance with the divine plan. As a race of people and as a collective consciousness we have learned that we have fear in our mind. We have learned that we have conflict in our heart and that we have judgment, we have hatred and we have bitterness. We fear that we haven’t enough- this is poverty consciousness. The world shows us there is plenty, we live in a world of plenty and we have power, a divine power to create, to share this plentiful-ness. Our fear and poverty consciousness is what stops us from sharing – we hoard more and more. We have shares, other people’s shares – this is poverty consciousness. The rich are poverty conscious, hoarding is poverty consciousness. To have and hoard millions is poverty consciousness. Life flows, there is a flow of energy and money is a form of energy and is part of this flow, so money has a flow to it. To stop this flow and hoard is to fear that the flow will stop. To live in fear is to live in fear, to live in fear and luxury is still to live in fear. Luxury is an illusion, fear is real, luxury is an image, fear is a feeling and those who are living in fear know that they are living in fear. Luxury and loneliness often go together where people are fearful of anyone that comes close, seeing others as a threat to their image, to their luxury to their wealth. Loneliness is a fearful place to be.

On a collective consciousness level humanity has lived through fear. We have acknowledged the fear and the loneliness; we are now ready to choose change. This is already happening. We can see as we look around, the old ways, the fearful way, the ways of separation, our young people are no longer fearful of the wrath of god or gods. They embrace life and experience, embracing change and pushing out the boundaries and barriers, experiencing life to the full. Inhibitions are falling away; sin and guilt are becoming things of the past. Unconditional love and light does not recognise guilt and sin, yet these two energies are real for those who dwell with or in them. Guilt and sin are blocks on the road home. You cannot return to love and light if you are weighed down with guilt and riddled with sin (or believe that you are). Forgiveness melts away guilt and sin. Forgiveness is another tool we will use and forgiveness must be experienced within the self, forgiveness for yourself because you must have something before you can give it to others. It must be in your possession, you must know of it. Its like unconditional love – you must have it for yourself before you can give it to others.

There are laws and the divine law of ‘like to like’ is only one of these laws. Pain and suffering cannot be brought to heaven. Judgment and fear cannot be brought to heaven. Punishment, retribution and above all death cannot be brought to heaven. The thought of death, the thought of an ending, cannot be brought to eternal life. All these thoughts must be left, rejected, cleared and healed – first in the individual mind and then also in the mind of the collective consciousness of humanity. One at a time, change your world and leave the rest of the world to the creator. This dialogue can help you change your world and bring your heaven to your earth.

Many people deemed as prophets and saints used their bodies to tell us a spiritual message. The Christ would be among the best known of these, as one who used his body to bring to us a spiritual truth. We are all the Christ which simply means the continuation of (historically the son in a family carries or continues the family name or genes).

As spiritual beings and eternal beings, each and every one of us uses our bodies to teach. We bring one another messages using these bodies, over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. We are eternal beings and there is no death. Death does not enter into eternity, there is only everlasting life and everlasting life cannot have a beginning and cannot have an ending. We have a simple choice – we believe in life or we believe in death. We cannot believe in both, the notion of life after death is a contradiction. Eternal life is eternal; no beginning means there is no beginning – that cannot change. There are no ifs, buts, ands, what ifs, what about. These do not enter into the equation. Eternal life is eternal life and it is now. Now is the only moment that we have got, the past is gone the future is not here. Now is all that we have. We have memories of the past and we have dreams of the future. Memories are dreams and dreams are irrelevant until we give them relevance. Some people say time is a healer, memories fade with time and pain fades with time. Dreams also fade with time and dreams are shattered. Now is the healer, the moment of now, when we accept that we cannot take the past into now, yet we do our best. We try to bring places, people and memories and all the things that we had in the past, the hurts even the good times, the evidence. We try to bring these into our present in order to make up the person who we are. It identifies who we are because of a, b, c, or this, that and the other.

We all have our own linear time line from birth to the present moment. All the experiences that happened along this time line are specific to the individual. Your time line and my time line are different time lines. We may be the same age, we may be in the same family, but your experience and my experience are two different things. We may look at the same thing but what I view and what you view are two different things. You cannot see through my eyes and I cannot see through your eyes, you cannot taste what I taste and I cannot taste what you taste. We may be eating the same food but taste it differently. If I hold my finger in the flame of a candle, nobody will feel that pain or sensation, only me. We may put our fingers into the fire together, yet we will experience the pain individually. Your pain and suffering is yours and my pain and suffering are mine. The point that I am making here is that our feelings are our own individual feelings. The same is true of love. Love is just mine. When I feel love, it is my love. It does not come into me from you and it does not come into you from anything. Love shines, love flows and love increases when it meets itself. Love needs nothing to be loved.

Within the law of like to like, unconditional love, source, life itself, this is where we belong spiritually and eternally. Our oneness, our god self or holiness belongs in unconditional love. That’s where it is now, always will be and always has been. Until we and until you the individual, accept and experience only unconditional love we cannot go home. You cannot bring your woes, your pain and your suffering into unconditional love, it does not go, they do not equate. You cannot bring your anger to a peaceful place and experience peace. You remain in an angry place and so anger is what you will experience. Peace and anger do not go together. Love and hate do not go together. Peace and conflict do not go together.

This is how we use the body spiritually, as spiritual beings. Because of whatever experiences we have had in the past, our history, our memories and our cellular memories are carrying woes and hurts from before, from other lifetimes in many cases. This is like a stairway taking us home. Each lifetime we are learning or not. We may take steps backwards away from home, yet we will learn. There is learning in everything we experience. It may be a forward moving learning or it may bring us back to re-experience the teaching over and over again, but we will learn nonetheless. We learn what we do not want, how we learn is by experiencing repeatedly until we say no more, enough is enough. I have to stop this behaviour. I have to stop this feeling. That may take many, many lifetimes but in reality it takes just one moment. It takes acceptance, it takes surrender, it takes acceptance that there is nothing that you can do to change the past and acceptance that you have no control over the future. To surrender the individual will power to a bigger power, to a higher power, to let go and let God. This is surrender. Let go and let Buddha. Let go and let Allah. Let go and let Krishna… or just let go.


There are billions of people living at this time. There have always been billions of people living and each one of those has their own story and then there are groups of people with a common story. There are communities, families and whole nations with a common story. We do share something in common – our story, our history, our present and our future. We have the power to change this, but change means change and to live yesterday’s story is not change. To be caught up in history is no change, to be fighting the wars that are over and finished is no change. To be carrying the burden of history, your families, your races, your nations or your own, is no change. To be carrying the weight of history or the weight of yesterday or the weight of ten minutes ago is to carry the past and the past is the past and cannot be changed.

To bring this past into the present is choice and to let it go is freedom. What’s, ifs and buts are pride and if your pride will not allow you to let it go, then so be it, carry it. Carry your burdens, carry them proudly, “we all have our crosses to bear” bear your cross, this is suffering, pain, death, fear. There is no need for this except your own need. You can let it go and embrace light, lightness, life, eternal life, fearlessness, the choice is there. This is not about belief, it is about choice, it’s about pride, it’s about expanding and surrendering to the possibility that maybe there is some reasoning behind it all, that there is a bigger picture. Say no and you choose no, you choose to remain where you are, keep what you have, to experience the same feeling over and over again. No means no and so nothing will change. This is the simple truth, choose no change and nothing will change, choose change and everything will change. To say maybe I could change or learn how to change is to open a doorway to the possibility of trying something new. To say yes to change is accepting that there is more than you know.

Not only do we use these bodies to teach each other, we use the body to teach ourselves. The pain, the fear and the suffering cannot be brought with you into the light. Even if it takes a million lifetimes to learn and accept this or you have to hear it a million times in this lifetime, so be it. One day, one moment, you will understand what this means and in that moment the struggle ends. The law of like to like ensures that all that is not unconditional love must be replaced with unconditional love before you can go home. This is simplicity. Unconditional love does not know anger and fearlessness does not know fear and so we use the body. We use this experience to teach each other, we teach ourselves, we pass through realms of fear, we pass through realms of sadness and we pass through realms of victim hood and victimisation. We pass through all these different realms, hell realms some people call them. These hell realms not only exist in other forms of life outside of or after the lifetime of a body, they exist now. There are people on the planet, in this reality, going through a living hell. You do not have to die to go to hell. There are also people on the planet in this reality who have heaven on earth and they are preparing or are prepared to have heaven after earth.

Nothing changes when you pass over. If you have hell ‘here’ then you will have hell ‘there’ and because it’s a state of mind and not an actual place, there really is no ‘here or there’. This is the law of like to like. It is the one law that is obvious; it is in front of us, in front of our eyes. Without this law chaos would consume everything. Air and water would mix, fire, air, water and earth would mix. Above and below would mix. We would explode and implode and keep exploding. And yet that would not be the end of us. As eternal beings we would still be living, we would still have life albeit fragmented into many more pieces than at present. We have choice as a group, as a community and as a nation. Humanity itself has a choice as to what way we go (towards the felling of heaven on earth or the feeling of hell on earth). We can come together as one or we can explode and fragment further.

How this works is one at a time. Heaven on earth comes through you. Recognise life and not death, just for you, that’s all. If you get an inclination to share that, well and good, so be it. If you get the urge to just sit in your own space at one with life, you will find happiness there, accepting life as it is, as it was and as it will be, not seeing death and not recognising death.

The high rate of suicide worldwide at this point in time is a cause of concern and fear for many. This too is a free will choice and must be accepted and respected as such; no matter how uncomfortable that sounds or feels. To view any death or passing over as wrong or before its time is to judge and give recognition to the thought of an ending to the eternal. Spirits or people who pass over by means of suicide are also learning and teaching with and through their bodies, this is without exception. All bodies are only tools, tools that are discarded on the learning and teaching journey of the soul. Death is but a change of form for everybody and every living thing, as is birth a change of form for all living things. It is all part of a process of experience called life. Your loved ones are only a thought away whether they have a body or not and whether they respond to your thoughts is a free will choice and this must be respected.

You can only give respect and receive it if you have it for yourself first, if you haven’t got it others will not respond respectfully when you expect, request or demand it of them. They will respond to the energy that they feel coming from you in a like minded way. A person who has self respect will not engage in conflict with one who is disrespectful. What this is demonstrating is how people respond energetically to each other by way of the energy that they themselves are made up of. This is the law of like to like in action. People also respond and react on more subtle levels as they feel and sense through the aura or energy field that surrounds all living things. This level of interaction is like a magnetic grid attracting similar or like energy to it. It is your thoughts and belief system that dictate the situations, circumstances and surroundings that you find yourself in and the people that you share these with. All have been attracted to you, by you, to show you what feelings you are made of and offer to you the chance to acknowledge it and the choice to change it. This is personal and if you start to look outside at other people, to compare and judge, instead of taking this chance given to look at your own inner feelings. You will have moved your attention outside of yourself seeking answers, help, intervention and healing for an outside issue, all of which you think may help you find your inner strength and power to change. We already have this strength and power within. Waiting for a situation or someone else to change is to miss or overlook the lesson and the changes that you have to make yourself from within.

We all share something in common which is our life force. We have this in common with all life forms but as humans we form our own specific group. It is this life force that has taken on the form of this body. It has many forms – look around you, see life in all its forms. All have the same life force or source in different shapes and colours. Everything has a pulse or a heartbeat, a universal rhythm; from plants and rocks, oceans and continents to the hearts of animals and insects. We all share the same moment, the same air, the same light, the same breath and it is this breathing and beating that allows us to grow. As we breathe in air it fuels the heart that pumps the blood that keeps the body functioning. We also soak the life force in through our bodies, through our skin our pores and through the subtle energy field called the aura. It is this aura or energy field that continues to grow when the body ceases to be or function; when we die.


What we are learning and teaching each other is about ourselves individually; I am learning about me and you are learning about you. I cannot learn something for you or you for me and I cannot experience for you or you for me. My feelings are my own and your feelings are your own; this cannot change. What I am or we are learning is all that is not love, all the feelings and emotions that are stopping us, blocking you and me from experiencing our true nature. Feelings like anger, hurt, lust, hate, guilt, regret, loneliness, neediness, greed and jealousy to name just a few. Our true nature is love, pure unconditional love. This is beneath all the other feelings and we must, I must, you must, reach this inner nature in order to attain your rightful state of being that is heaven on earth. When you have no hate in you, you will never feel hate. When you have no anger in you, you will never feel angry. When you stop feeling abandoned, you will never again feel alone and so on. The law of like to like sees to this as only like attracts like and without anger and hate etc you will have love in you, you will be love and this is the energy that you will attract to yourself. This is how we are using these bodies to teach and learn so if someone or a situation invokes a feeling in you and causes a reaction, you yourself are responsible for this feeling and reaction and not the person or situation that invoked it. They are simply showing you what feelings are in you already, because you can not react with anger if you have no anger in you or you can not react with worry if you do not have worry in you already. This applies to all our feelings, emotions, actions and reactions. Our reactions feed or fuel our feelings which in turn increase. How we react and behave is a reflection of what we are made up of. All our thoughts and ideas, our experiences and belief systems keep on showing themselves to ourselves over and over by means of our thoughts and experiences, our actions and ideas. If and when we fail to see this in ourselves we see it in others. What we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. This is without exception, no matter what the circumstances are, even in and through grief, through all acts of war. If you are affected by anything or a particular event it is showing you something about you. A broken heart after a death or separation will show you an emptiness that was there already, left hidden, unhealed and ignored. This is how we use these bodies, to show the hidden, unhealed and ignored; the secrets that are not really secrets as we cannot deny our true feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Not everything will affect you but when something does, it reflects you.

As spiritual brothers and sisters and as eternal beings, we lovingly take these human bodies for very short periods of time to show each other the way home and to awaken each other and ourselves to our spiritual, divine and eternal nature. We can only achieve this one at a time, only for ourselves, yourself or myself. I can only heal myself, as you can only heal yourself (this healing is not fixing a human body or organs). It is as simple and as complicated as that and you can only do this in the moment called now. Every moment is called now and healing can only take place now. Simply because now needs no healing, now is perfect, always was, always is and always will be for all eternity.

How we teach each other is by means of reflection. Outer conflict or war reflects inner conflict and turmoil and teaches us to seek peace. Murders and rapes, violence and theft all teach us forgiveness or they show us we have no forgiveness in us and bring out our true feelings. The reflection of fear will teach about fearlessness. All our feelings are contained within ourselves and they do not come from an outside source. Anger is not a virus you can catch, it grows from inside you. Emotional pain cannot be felt outside of you, that too is yours experienced within yourself. Hate cannot be forced on to you, it grows inside you. If you worry a lot then this is what you are made up of, a lot of worry.

We cannot go home with all this negative energy, thoughts and belief systems and we cannot experience heaven on earth or after earth if by divine law we are not of like to like. It is impossible to overrule or manipulate this law no matter how holy or pious, no matter how many deeds deemed to be good, that you have done. If you hold judgment against another of being right or wrong then you are being judgemental. You cannot enter into unconditional love if you put conditions onto it. Unconditional love has no conditions, has no restrictions, no boundaries no limits. It flows to all equally and until your love flows to all equally, yes ALL equally, regardless of their race, their colour, their creed or their deed, conditions will cause separation. Regardless whether they are murderers, rapists, the abortionists, the bombers, those who commit suicide, those we call the deviants, even down to the next door neighbour we don’t like. The brothers and sisters that occupy this planet, that occupy the same space, the same time, the same breath, the same heartbeat and all those who have gone before us. Until they are seen as equal, equally loved, equally entitled to love, equally a part of God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, whoever, until they are seen as equal in your eyes in your heart then you will feel separate. You will feel alone and abandoned. You will feel hurt, you will feel pain and you will feel sorrow, for all this comes from the thought of separation and you will fit nicely and snugly into groups of like minded people, like to like. The victims and victimised will come together in groups. The perpetrators will gang together, the war mongers will come together in war. Groups of like minded people will form communities, colonies and nations and separate themselves from those around them. This is the way of this world. We are learning using these bodies. Through the divisions we reach out and we make friends. When the war is over we make peace, we find peace and we find that we have it already. We find forgiveness and that we had and have had it all the time. We find love, joy and gratitude. These qualities are in us already because they are spiritual qualities and it is only one simple thought of separation that makes us think that they are not within us already.

Change of mind is what is required and then experience and acceptance of that experience. You do have a divine right to choose, a god given right, given freely by God, Allah, Buddha or Krishna, whoever, unconditionally given. You do not have to choose, you have free will not to choose. No change is no change, so be it. One day the truth will set you free or one moment the truth will set you free and that moment could be now, actually it will be now, given that now is all that there is. One day, one of these moments, your spirit will get so weary that it will surrender. It may be 20 lifetimes from now or 200 lifetimes from now. The suffering will get so unbearable that you will surrender. The cross will get so heavy that you will surrender. You can do this now; there is no shame in surrender. It is shameless and you walk through forgiveness and you forgive yourself. When you have forgiven yourself you can forgive others and when this world is forgiven, the lessons are learnt and you can bring heaven to earth in yourself. This is not a complicated procedure. This does not take years and years of prayer or sacrifice or piety or holiness or anything like that. It is quite simply letting go of the past and embracing the present through forgiveness and to keep reminding yourself of that. If you remember that you are going home and you cannot bring all those negative energies or thoughts with you, freely and joyously let them go.

Those souls that choose to dwell in hell, the stubborn, vengeful, pitiful and sometimes angry, nasty, violent and hateful souls, also have divine right to their free will choice. These would want to bring their hell to heaven. The law of like to like ensures that these souls will gather in common purpose, bemoaning their lot in life (with or without bodies) and seeking like minded people to share the negative energy that they exude and gain nourishment from.


There is nourishment in all energy because all energy is equal. All energy comes from source; God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, whoever. All other parts or aspects of source have the exact same power as source to do what they will with that energy, given that they themselves are of the same energy. The energy is then subjected to the individual and his or her free will to create using their thoughts and belief systems. This is how even so-called negative energy nourishes. Beneath the surface of the negative thoughts is the reality of unconditional love that all energy is ultimately made up of. There is no other form or source of life outside of life itself and life itself contains all. Death or the thought of death does not and cannot remove a part of life from life as life is eternal and to believe or disbelieve this does not change it, it merely changes you. As life is eternal and life contains all that there is, even if death were real there is nowhere else to go, except to the places and states of being that are created by your own thoughts by means of the belief system that you hold .So be it.

Heaven has no thoughts and no belief systems. Invest your time remembering, choosing and experiencing this and you will be and feel like heaven.