How To End Your Separation From Your Source

Your Source of life is, life itself, all life. That is, life with and without form which encompasses all things seen and unseen and exists beyond human and earth experience.
To recognise life beyond your human and the earth lifetime is a prerequisite for ending separation. This is because the concept of restricting or limiting life to the human and earth lifetime was and is the prerequisite of initiating the experience of separation in the first place.
This recognition of life beyond your human self involves a process of change of mind. Change of mind about how you see yourself as a human being first and foremost and a spiritual being after that human lifetime ends, or as a spiritual being first and foremost with no end to life when this human lifetime ends. How you see yourself and the importance that you place on which ever way you choose to be dictates your state of being, human or spiritual; one of which ends with death and the other is infinite and eternal.
Just as a human being slips into a dream state on a regular basis yet still remains human, a spiritual being is capable of slipping into a human state yet still remain spiritual and just as the human awakens from the dream state, the spiritual being must awaken from being human. Whereas sleeping and dreaming is involuntary for the human and so awakening is also involuntary, for the spirit to awaken from the human state it has to be a voluntary free will choice, and so, how to end separation from source is to choose to end it.

To be human is to be limited, limited to time, to birth and death, limited to cultural, religious, economic, educational, racial and geographical boundaries, rules and regulations that go with being born into this earthly world.
To be spiritual is to know that you are more then human, to feel, experience and live this knowing, to feel connected to life without any of the restrictions, rules and regulations or boundaries that are imposed onto your human self by your human self.

This changing of your mind takes practice and constant vigilance. The practice is to keep remembering, knowing and feeling your connection to life and the vigilance is required over your human self which you will revert back to every time you forget that you have changed or are changing your mind. Source or life is ‘nothing’ but a FEELING, a feeling of love, joy, peace, gratitude, intermingled into one and growing and sharing itself with or within itself; love loving being loved, peace being peaceful, joy being joyous and rejoicing and gratitude being grateful. This is all that is/was created and all other things will fade with time. If and when you choose this nothingness you will end the separation.

The ‘nothingness’ of source is complete, so when you choose to reconnect to it (for you have not left or can ever leave it) nothing is required of you. This nothing really means nothing. No thoughts, memories, dreams or desires. No connection with your human self in any way, shape or form can be put first. Just as in meditation when the mind is cleared of thoughts and you experience peaceful feelings, this clearing or changing of the mind must be extended from a time limited meditation into an everyday awareness meditation or mindfulness of how you are feeling.

Ultimately the only thing that you are truly aware of is that you are feeling or I am feeling. The key to being aware is in the recognition of how you are feeling and not why you are feeling. With this awareness of how you feel comes choice. Do you choose to continue to feel feelings you don’t like or want or do you choose to change your mind? If you focus onto why you are feeling this way you will justify and legitimise that feeling. You will have ‘good reason for feeling it’ and so you have chosen to keep and strengthen it and rather than change your mind you reinforce it against change. The feeling is chosen over, above or before the nothingness of peace, love, joy and gratitude and this is separation. How to end this separation is to see and know another choice and choose again and again and again…….This won’t change the past as that cannot be undone. What it will do is allow you to let go of feelings that you are carrying that are associated with the past which block you from feeling connected to life NOW.