Meditating is one way of withdrawing your attention away from the outside world or your outside world and into another state of mind or reality and into a quiet, peaceful and calm state. Anybody can meditate – there is no mystery or elitism to it. Meditating will not sort out your problems or pay your bills but it can help you face up to and deal with the issues in the world or your world from a different perspective. If you are new to meditating or have difficulty turning off the ‘head chatter’ I would suggest that you start on the longer meditation. There are no set rules to these meditations, no special position to sit or lay in except one that you are comfortable in. Taking the time out for yourself and your intention or willingness is all that is required and a quiet space with no disturbance also helps.

Here you can listen to and download these meditations:

Expanded Awareness

This is a short meditation (7-8 minutes) to help you with your practice of spiritual awareness

To download meditation click here.

A Healing Journey Within

This is a longer (33 minutes) guided meditation into your heart centre

It will guide you into your heart centre and you will experience the feeling of unconditional love and receive a spiritual healing each time you follow the meditation
to download meditation click here.

*These meditations are best listened to with headphones.