On a Human level, these symbols have been and are being used by many people for many years from different cultural and religious backgrounds. People are using these symbols to identify themselves with an individual religion or ideology and claim a Spiritual benefit or reward. Used separately, they reinforce and cement unseen boundaries between these individuals and groups which have formed the ‘us and them’, ‘we’re right and you’re wrong’ differences between these people and tribes, which in turn has formed the basis of many conflicts.

Each symbol and the related religion or ideology that claims ownership of it, has its own interpretation and meaning, rules and regulations and superstition, which it dictates or indoctrinates to its own followers. This usually starts when they are children and there are punishments and penalties in the ‘afterlife’ promised for their own followers who break the rules and for the others who don’t subscribe to their brand of religion or ideology. This ultimately reinforces the idea of separation on into an ‘afterlife’ of separate heavens and hells. The symbols are also used for ‘protection’, ‘luck’ and ‘hate’ and above all to remember and reinforce THE PAST.

On a spiritual level, all is one and there is no separation, only thoughts of it. It is these thoughts that have caused the illusion of the human level and seemed to have removed you from peace.
Using these symbols together is a gesture of unity reminding oneself of the peace and unconditional love that you are.

Using these symbols together breaks through the unseen boundaries that separates humans and reunites us as one. One love, one life, one light, one spirit.

How To Use The Symbols

The symbols are used in the mind. Visualise them and put yourself inside each symbol one at a time. If you know where the major chakra points are on your body, spend time in meditation seeing each symbol at each point (front and back) and on your hands, feet and eyes. This is a practice in itself and should be practiced daily. Throughout the day when remembered, see the larger symbols overshadowing you and visualise them in your heart centre. This needs to be a living and ongoing practice as part of your life. Doing it once or twice and just holding the knowledge of it (I know how to do that or I have done that) is trying to keep the past alive therefore it is ego based and reinforces separation.