The Archangel Michael School Of Healing

To change ones mind is a daunting idea or task. For most people it means not only questioning but also rejecting and renewing what one believes in or knows about already. This can lead to feelings of vulnerability, insecurity and uncertainty. So much so that most people require proof that any alternative system is true. And at the same time they are unable to offer any proof of the truth of the system that they already hold, trusting in their faith and fearing to question, as to question is leaning towards unfaithfulness and this brings with it the ‘wrath of god’.

This is a direct result of an old belief system where humans saw themselves as gods and were worshiped and feared as gods. These self proclaimed gods were indeed wrathful – the kings and queens, high priests and high priestesses, pharaohs and emperors, rabbi’s, popes and mullahs.

All those who perform and re-enact the dogma of pomp and ceremony are stuck in the past and are fearful of change. Yet change has occurred. It has caught up with and is now overwhelming the fearful. The meek are inheriting the earth. Spiritual truth is spreading throughout the earth in allcultures and traditions and these brave and courageous souls are daring to speak out of a love that they know of, to share the truth of what they are and have experienced, for themselves and within themselves. They are sharing their inner knowing, inner truth, inner wisdom, inner peace, love and freedom. These qualities are rising in the individual and need no intermediaries or interpreters. They only need to be experienced without fear and fear will then be replaced with love. The fear of god will be replaced with the love of god and peace on earth or heaven on earth will be restored.

This will happen only for the individual that chooses change. No change means exactly that, no change. The cost or price of entry into the Archangel Michael School of Healing is simply a want for and a willingness to change. For it is a school of thought. You are the teacher and you will put yourself to the test. Each person carries with them their own lessons into each lifetime.


The Archangel Michael School Of Thought

To expand your awareness is to open up your mind to the unknown and to keep it open. This is the opposite of restricted or limited awareness, which is closed or narrow mindedness.

The Archangel Michael School of Thought is all about thoughts, how you view them, how you hold on to them, how you react and respond to them, how you judge or label them, how you claim or deny ownership or possession of them, how you worship and idolise them, how you love and embrace them and ultimately how you live them.

Thoughts are the result or consequences of thinking. Thoughts are created instantly by the power of the mind and once created they cannot be undone. Whatever you think becomes real for you, not for everyone or anyone else, just you. Thinking is the cornerstone or foundation on which belief systems are built upon. The amount of energy that is given to any belief system dictates the strength or weakness of that belief system regardless of whether the energy is negative or positive. This is how cultures, religions, countries and other philosophical structures rise and fall.

Individual thoughts are like individual molecules or drops of energy. How to use this energy is very simple indeed, it is simply focused thought. That is thought focused through, with, on or by the mind (not the brain). The amount of energy that is given to a thought dictates whether it takes solid form or whether it remains as a fluid form floating in the atmosphere.

Thoughts once created, hover in the ether or air and become part of the mind that created them. They remain in the aura, unseen or invisible to all except the individual who is doing the thinking and can be seen or heard with the minds eye and inner ear or imagination. This ‘minds eye’, ‘inner ear’ and ‘imagination’ are gateways that all thoughts pass through in order to take solid form or shape, or come into reality. Everything started and starts as a thought in the mind. The mind is what we as individuals have in common. It is our source of power, our very own energy grid, and we not only receive energy from the grid, we also add to it.

The human mind is a component part of life itself. It is not the only part, as life is made of much more than humans. It is humans that set themselves apart from all other life forms compounding the isolationist thought of separation. This thought of separation has blinded us to our interconnectedness with our surroundings, leading to a feeling of separation (from each other as well as everything else). This feeling is real and it hurts and so in an effort to distract ourselves from the hurt, all sorts of thoughts, dreams and ideas are brought into our reality by the power of the mind. We each create our own picture of reality and as we do so, together we create a collective picture of our reality.

Because humans can witness their own thoughts becoming a reality in front of their eyes, both negative and positive thoughts become real. In the case of humans, all thoughts that are held in the mind long enough become real. Humans have formed the belief system that they are in control or in charge of life itself. We are the only beings on earth that share in the creative power of the mind – all other life forms are passive.

While the words positive and negative are being used here to describe opposite ends or opposing thought forms, there is a whole spectrum of states of mind or being in between the two and all are equal insofar as we learn and grow from whatever state of mind we create.

In between the two opposites is a state of equanimity and equality, a meeting point were neither positive nor negative will tip the scales in their favour. There is a neutral zone where one can retreat into and grow; where one learns about truth and peace beyond the judgment of the material world where experiences override thoughts.

This is where the inner and the outer world exist side by side in harmony; both being a reality for the individual to choose from. Once a choice is made, the mind is engulfed or submerged in whichever reality has been chosen; inner peace or outer conflict. This then becomes a ‘state of being’, one cancelling out the other. If outer conflict is chosen this cancels out inner peace and inner conflict is experienced and vice versa. Inner peace cancels out the outer conflict and peace is experienced in both the inner and outer worlds.

This choice must be continuously reaffirmed by means of experience. Thinking of or repeating words are not enough (although it is the starting point). The mind must be re-focused and engulfed or submerged fully in order for the experience to be truly experienced.


This is a crucial or critical point on the spiritual journey home, for it is here at this point that the mind is open or passive. This is an opening that the ego self can and will take advantage of in very simple and subtle ways and forms. The way it achieves this is by means of throwing or casting memories at the mind. As you start to experience something, the ego is trawling through its memory banks in an attempt to claim ownership or responsibility for the feeling and in so doing the ego is stating ‘this feeling is not your true self’. It belongs to this or that or him or her. All of which will be in the past. This is the function of the brain and the ego self which is but an extension of the brain and is limited to who and what the brain thinks you are, should be, ought to be or want to be. It will use all its knowledge which it has accumulated over its lifetime, which in turn is only a collection of other peoples or ego selves’ knowledge. It will tell you it knows the way home based on this or that experience or quote or its understanding of what it has seen, heard, felt, smelled or learned. In other words it will continuously try to distract you. These distractions are relentless. They will not stop of their own accord and your ego will not run out of things or thoughts to distract you with. It needs only one and it can repeatedly throw this one thought at you over and over again.

To engage in a battle with the ego is to concede defeat from the outset. This is what the ego would have you do, continuously battle with yourself or enter into conflict. Conflict is a state of being and this will not change. Conflict will remain conflict and all who choose to enter into this state of mind, being or consciousness will experience its effects unconditionally. Conflict has its place and purpose in the grand design of things or the divine plan; it simply and unquestionably shows an absence of peace. The pathway to peace or return to peace is only necessary and followed when the absence of peace is noticed.

When you find yourself entertaining the distractions of the ego, simply acknowledge this and see it for what it is, a distraction; nothing more and nothing less. Do not give it any more energy by feeding other thoughts such as guilt or fear or remorse. Do not judge the distraction as right or wrong, good or bad, small or large, but just another distraction and treat all distractions equally and return to peace.

The egos methods and tools or weapons are subtle and can be very powerful once you attach or latch on to one of them. What, if, and but are three simple words used in every day communication in helpful, meaningful and harmless ways, yet when the ego uses a simple word like if or but, it can and will throw this at every attempt at experiencing peace and knowing that experience. This is called doubting and there is no place, and will never be a place, for doubt in love or truth. Like conflict, doubt is a state of mind, being or consciousness and all who choose to enter into it will remain doubtful and untrustworthy of themselves and others. Doubt is simply an absence of trust. It is also the ultimate and decisive, dividing requisite that exists between the higher and lower or ego and spiritual selves. Trust is a bridge that crosses a chasm and doubt is a fear of heights. Trust knows you can fly and doubt believes you can die. This is the bridge between life and death, eternity and temporary, heaven and hell. This is as powerful as the ego gets, with a few small words such as but, what and if.

Only your direct and personal experiences can truly dispel or remove you from doubt as a state of being. Faith or belief in another’s experiences always leaves a little room for doubt to enter and when doubt enters it comes complete; not in parts or in a small way. Doubt is doubt and this cannot and will not change. There is no place for doubt and there will never be a place for it in love and truth. It must be left behind or discarded along the pathway to peace.

Moving through different states of being, mind or consciousness such as conflict or doubt, unworthiness or poverty, is part of the journey home, back to light, love and our true state of being, mind or consciousness. It is natural and normal that these other states are experienced given the natural or divine law of like to like. Nothing can be hidden, ignored or overlooked within the natural order of things, so if you, or anyone else, have anything other then unconditional love in your heart and soul, that is what you shall experience. This is unconditional, as are all other states of being, mind or consciousness unconditional. There are no barriers, obstacles, limitations or restrictions attached to any state of being, mind or consciousness. Every state is open for all to experience as often and for as long as one chooses to. Free will choice is the point of entry and also the point of exit of any and all states of being.

Your circumstances or surroundings and your state of being are not one and the same. A prisoner can experience freedom and a person in a war zone can be at peace. Calm can be experienced in the midst of chaos as can clarity in the midst of confusion. Your state of being, mind or consciousness is totally personal and in no way is it dependent on your surroundings, unless you choose to be. Neither is your state of mind dependent upon the thoughts that are in, on or surrounding your mind, unless you choose it to be. As you choose, so be it. These choices are of, and are made by, your true self or spirit self. They are not the wants or wish of the ego self, even though that is where they seem to come from and satisfy. The universal or creative energy (the law of like to like) responds to your true self, to your core beliefs. The outer world adjusts itself continuously as it mirrors or shows you the innermost composition of your true self.

An example of this would be a person born into or choosing to enter into a war or conflict zone and choosing to get involved with the war or conflict, while another person can be born into or choose to enter into the same situation and choose to be at peace and encourage and promote peace.

If your make up or true self has anything other then pure unconditional love and light, then this world (or any other world or states of existence) will reflect that to you, over and over again, day in day out, weekly, monthly, yearly, lifetime after lifetime, for as long as it takes (and it only takes one moment of enlightenment). This will occur until you realise your true nature and choose to remain in that state over and over again, day in day out, weekly, monthly, yearly, lifetime after lifetime. It only takes one person to change your world and bring heaven to earth. You are that person.

The Archangel Michael School of Thought stands upon two simple truths and utilises a single belief system:

The First Truth – I am a spiritual being first and foremost and have not left or separated from source.

The Second Truth – I can only ever feel my own feelings within myself.

And the belief system that this human life and all it contains is to teach or remind me of the first truth using the second truth as the vehicle or tool.